D. The Goal for Information Technology at IU

President Myles Brand in his 1997 speech, "State of the University: The Next Step," set a challenge for Indiana University to "take the next step in institutional academic excellence and move into the very top tier of the nation's public universities."

As is argued in this Plan, the creation of new knowledge and sharing of information are defining features of a university, and so the goal of excellence in the use of information technology is an essential ingredient in achieving academic excellence.

The vision put forward in this Plan is one in which our advances in information technology help to achieve this overall vision of academic excellence for Indiana University. Information technology will be one strategy among others that must be pursued by IU, but is one that must be pursued with commitment if we are to "move into the very top tier."

The goal of this Plan is for Indiana University to rise to a position of absolute leadership among institutions of public higher education in the creative use and application of information technology.

This goal focuses in particular on the design, development, and application of information technology in support of teaching and learning, research, service, and the conduct of University business.

Toward the realization of this goal, there are set forth in this Plan a number of general recommendations (Section E), followed by a series of more detailed proposed actions (Section F). The timeline of this Plan is intended to cover the next five years (that is the period July 1998 to June 2003). These recommendations and actions are presented in a way to convey many of the interrelationships that exist among them, but no priority is intended or implied by the sequence and organization of these items. The Plan concludes (Section G) with a strategy of cooperation, essential to fulfillment of the recommendations and actions. For the convenience of the reader, Appendix D contains a summary of the recommendations and actions.

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June 1998
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