C. Process Used in Developing This Plan

In January 1997 Dr. Michael McRobbie was appointed to the newly created post of Vice President for Information Technology (VPIT), with University-wide responsibilities for information technology. In September 1997, two previous technology organizations University Computing Services at IUB and Integrated Technologies at IUPUI were consolidated to form the new University Information Technology Services (UITS) on both campuses.

In December, 1997, the VPIT implemented a new University-wide committee structure for information technology. The University Information Technology Committee (UITC) was constituted as an advisory committee whose mandate is to advise the VPIT on matters concerning information technology policy at Indiana University. The UITC is a University-wide committee, with the Computer Center Directors Committee and four specialist Taskforces reporting to it. These Taskforces correspond to the four Divisions in UITS and are advisory to the Associate Vice Presidents responsible for the Divisions. The four Divisions of UITS are:

Campus-specific focus in this new committee structure is ensured through the IUB and IUPUI Campus IT Councils (which consist of appropriate subsets of IUB and IUPUI members of the UITC and are advisory to the two Campus IT Deans) and through the Computer Center Directors Committee (see Appendix A for membership of all these groups).

President Brand had requested that Vice President McRobbie initiate a process to develop a University IT Strategic Plan by Spring, 1998. Preparation of this Plan was the first charge the VPIT gave those committees. This process began by UITS senior management writing "white papers" for each of the four Divisions. These were used to initiate meetings of the four Taskforces, with the eventual result being reports containing recommendations for each of the four areas. In parallel with those meetings the UITC held meetings both to familiarize themselves with the white papers, to consider general strategies, and to give feedback to the Taskforces on draft versions of the reports. Both IT Councils also commented on drafts of the Plan. The VPIT and senior management of OVPIT and UITS commented on a number of drafts of the Plan as well. A drafting subcommittee was formed from the UITC, and the UITC had a series of meetings to discuss various drafts before approving this Plan.

Nearly 200 faculty, administrators, staff, and students participated in the various committees involved in this process. Web pages were established (http://www.indiana.edu/~uitc/) explaining the committee structure, listing the membership of all the committees, and soliciting input from the Indiana University community (see Appendix A). Articles appeared in the Indiana Daily Student and the IU Home Pages newspapers, also describing the process and inviting comment. Further input was solicited through memo and email communication with faculty and staff on the campuses. We believe that the recommendations and actions that originated through this participatory process were well debated and should have widespread support throughout the Indiana University community.

As befits as dynamic an area as information technology, it is intended that the UITC (aided by the four Taskforces) should have advisory oversight concerning the implementation of this plan, revising and modifying it as necessary for IU to "stay light on its feet."

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